Our Practice

Our work covers all three branches of government, at the federal, state levels. We do more than conventional law firms do. We work at the legislature, with regulatory agencies and government departments, as well as in courtrooms and conference rooms across Nigeria. Our attorneys and other professionals are skilled in handling intricate legal issues and governmental affairs, using creative legal skills to achieve effective results and representation for our clients’ legal needs. We adopt the unique method of combining legal, governmental and political efforts, and use the full weight and influence of the firm to achieve results desired by our clients.

Whatever your legal needs are – finding out what is going on in the political capital, lobbying at the legislature, weighing in on the regulatory process, immigration, investigations, verifications of documents , full legal representation and advice – we can advocate your cause.

Our Practice covers but is not limited to the following areas:

Document Verification

Rayfield Associates has been working with various embassies in Nigeria in investigating persons and verifying documents all over Nigeria.

Governmental Affairs

We anticipate the direction of government policies and advise our clients on their implications.

Ligitation (P & P Interest)

Rayfield Associates also litigates on constitutional matters, including interpretation of the constitutions of Nigeria or of any laws, breach or threat of breach of the constitutional safeguards of liberty and human rights.

Corporate Law

Rayfield Associates has broad experience in all types of business, commercial and securities transactions and the privatization process.

Citizenship By Investment

Enjoy all the benefits of a supplemental citizenship, with visa free travel to over 150 countries. Also confidential asset management and offshore services.

Petroleum & Maritime Law

We are highly specialized in the drafting and perfection of Joint Venture Agreements, acquisitions/leases of land for oil pipelines and other activities

Real Estate

Rayfield Associates advises public and private owners and developers and lenders in the purchase, sale, lease, development and improvement of real estate.

Legislative Monitoring

We undertake professional Legislative Monitoring. Our lawyers are assigned to monitor and cover proceedings at the National Assembly, both at the Senate and House of Representatives

General Law

The firm, either through its lawyers or consultants, has the capability of providing a full range of other legal services as well as alternative dispute resolutions.

Immigration, & International Affairs

Due diligence, background checks and verification, and other immigration and embassy related legal matters.

Our Approach

The Firm’s approach is to provide focussed commercial advice to enable clients achieve their ultimate business objectives within the required time frame. Central to this approach is an understanding of each client’s specific needs and the business community and regulatory environment in which the client operates.

We work with a team of specialists handpicked to cater to specific industry and client needs, and are able to call upon our associate partners and experts in their respective fields.

Ranging from specialised areas like oil and gas, shipping, taxation, to all forms of dispute resolution, our team of associate partners provide a one stop shop for all legal needs, both in Nigeria and abroad.

Our dispute resolution team is ably supported by a team who are dedicated and committed to our ideals and goals.

We have a track record of big ticket transactions in the Nigerian market, and a solid foundation in managing and supporting highly successful businesses in Nigeria.

Committed to Helping Our Clients Succeed.

In addition to our pool of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers, Rayfield Associates also retains the services of a broad spectrum of advisers and consultants such as journalists, Quantity Surveyors and Valuers, Stockbrokers and Financial Analysts and Engineers and Architects, for their expertise and to assist in the prosecution of the firm’s assignments, where necessary.